How to Choose Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are enticing products that we can easily fall into the trap of buying too many and having drawer full of kitchen gadgets that we will probably only use once or twice in our "cooking career".  I am guilty of this myself as I love kitchen gadgets, but realistically I could do without about lets just say 50%....  ok, 75% of the kitchen gadgets that I have.  Most of the innovative kitchen gadgets advertised on the as seen on TV could be easily solved with a really good kitchen knife.  But for kitchen gadget lovers like myself, I simply love the innovation and design of a good working and functional kitchen gadget.


When looking for a kitchen gadget, look for the tools that will significantly help you cook and prepare your meals quicker versus giving you more work than is really needed.  Also look for the gadgets that you know will be put into good use on a frequent basis versus once in a full moon or worse, be a centerpiece art deco for your kitchen drawer.  Before deciding to make a purchase, think about how you plan to use the gadget and make an honest assessment of how often you plan on using it.  I have given away numerous kitchen gadgets as gifts, since they make the perfect gift for anyone, but again, think about the usage of the gadget before buying for yourself or for othes.


Of course we could live without any gadget in our lives, but technology brings efficiency and ease with the many tasks we do, and cooking is one of them.  This might be a stricter way of selecting kitchen gadgets, but could definitely help with your budgeting.  Think about the true benefit it will bring to your kitchen and to your cooking before making a purchase.


We all love a good deal or bargain, but when we replace bargain prices over quality, we usually get what we pay for.  Essential cooking gadgets and tools such as the kitchen knife, pots and pans are very important and I prefer to buy the highest quality.  The price point is higher but over time they last longer and does the job much better.  For example, a cheap knife that looks like it could do a decent job could not only be harder to us but could also be dangerous due to slippage and low quality of cutting capabilities.  I eat rice on a daily basis and the price for rice cookers can start anywhere at $25 to hundreds, but because I eat it as a staple, I opt to purchase the higher quality, thus higher priced gadget.  If you are looking at a novelty kitchen gadget item, pricing is usually an attractive selling point, and if you buy now you also get another cheap gadget to fill up space.  Focus on quality and skip out on the freebie, because most of the time, they are junk and you will use it once with frustration.

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